Enter the dynamic world of English Language Learning

English is rapidly growing as a world language - resulting in opportunities for diverse learning. At Avantskill, we offer you the full-spectrum. Improve your English Language skills through our interesting and engaging resources.

General English

Avantskill offers a wide variety of General English resources for English Language learners. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level student, we have something for everyone. Browse through our stellar collection of resources on grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, pronunciation, listening, etc.

  • Linking Words(PDF)
  • Word Order Jumbled Sentences
  • Modal Verbs(PDF)
  • Future Tense(PDF)
  • Modals in Context(PDF)
  • Money Money Money(PDF)
  • Past simple and Past continuous
  • Determiners Worksheet(PDF)
  • Business English

    Avantskill is the first-of-its-kind portal that provides in-depth Business English activities in India. We have resources, quizzes and games on all aspects of Business English. So, whether you want to improve your business vocabulary or want to learn a thing or two about successful negotiations.

  • Subtle Art of Communication(PPT)
  • Tense(PDF)
  • Business Writing Emails(PDF)
  • Young Learners

    If you are a parent or a teacher, then you would know just how hard it is to motivate children to learn a language. The main reason behind this is that language learning is often a boring and repetitive process for young learners. Avantskill is here to change that!

  • Colour Name(PDF)
  • Picture and Letters
  • English for Specific Purpose(ESP)

    Sometimes we need to hone our English skills for specific purposes. Be it for IELTS exam or for customer service, strong English skills are mandatory nowadays. Avantskill offers a range of resources that help learners train for specific requirements.

  • Commonly Confused Words
  • One Word Substitution(PDF)
  • Extreme Adjectives(PDF)
  • Missing Words - Adjectives(PDF)